Do You Strive to Deliver What Clients Seek?

Personally and professionally, everyday interactions are reminders of what our clientele seeks from our services. The choice of words, tone of voice, and how we come across can almost predict whether we will be successful in our endeavors.

No matter our line of work, we each essentially need to sell our ideas, if not products and services. The ability to deliver what clients seek out depends significantly on our upfront inquiries to gain their perspective first and then our communication style. Today’s examples verify the how and why I choose to do business or avoid it altogether.

Three interactions took place today; two were the exact opposite of one another, and a third is almost as if a referee was standing between them, although unfamiliar with one of the participants. The three styles include:

  • The first interaction is game-playing but is ingenious and uninviting to learn more.
  • The second encounter encompasses compassion and sincerity and shares inspiring personal stories.
  • And the referee style (game playing at first glance) tells it like it is but goes the extra mile to share pictures to prove her point.

Let’s examine the good and the bad about game playing. In my sales career, I was initially intimidated by the need to knock on doors ‘cold’ to create connections that may eventually lead to sales. The suggestion of a trainer was to begin viewing the drill as a game entitled, ‘what’s behind the gold door?’ The title and the idea helped remove the fear and motivated me to succeed.

However, there is another type of sportsmanship or sports-woman-ship) – in which one attempts to take control of the boat’s direction by altering the facts. It is almost as if one is willing to risk all by attempting to sell the idea that the location is now elsewhere. They then attempt to speed up the process of rerouting us with strange reasoning that leaves most puzzled. 

Next, the serious game player will up their game playing by finding erroneous fault with what the other person previously stated. The goal is to inflict guilt, encouraging them to back down from holding the game player accountable. But those willing to speak up can assist with putting on the ship brakes to uncover where they are heading.

On the other end of the line, the person who speaks with compassion and seeks to understand the nuances creates a trustworthy environment. Prospects and clients are far more likely to confide and share more areas where they know they need assistance. The sale is more likely to succeed, but the amounts of the transactions are often more significant than the initial expectation.

A referee is known for finding a fair middle ground for all. When one realizes that another is not trustworthy, the business will halt. In some instances, videos and photographs capture our reality, and we can use them to prove a point. And that was today’s experience of realizing what I heard verbalized was not the truth. 

We must strive to deliver what clients seek for sales and business to grow. Moreover, trust is the standout ingredient that will encourage favorable testimonials, referrals, and client loyalty.

Strive to Deliver What Clients Seek

The first item to consider is, ‘what if someone is to take pictures of your words and actions?’ Do they complement one another, or will integrity followed by a business decline be at stake? The need to back-track can be very costly and put one out of business. It’s best to take the high road upfront and accommodate others the best you may.

Software today is almost at the point of fully capturing what we say and do. Social media postings are excellent indicators of how one thinks. Security cameras capture actions in stores, on the street, and at home. Technology such as bots online and Alexa capture our spoken and messaging words. More and more, it becomes essential to monitor how we perform and whether we do strive to deliver what clients seek.

The need to back-track can be very costly and put one out of business. It’s best to take the high road upfront and accommodate others the best you may.

In Conclusion: The honesty package includes:

  1. Admitting to errors
  2. Apologizing for lack of timeliness
  3. A request to be able to prove oneself better and move forward together

Sales Tips: Strive to Deliver What Clients Seek

  1. Move forward with the idea of the technology available to capture your words.
  2. Ensure everything you say and do aligns with one another.
  3. Avoid accusations.
  4. Offer help if there is a lack of understanding.
  5. Take online screenshots to share when another asks for help.
  6. Do a video call with screen share capability to walk through a necessary process.
  7. Review the communications of bots to see if they will be helpful in your procedures.
  8. Ask clientele for their input on how you may improve service.
  9. Accept insights and suggestions to deliberate in your private time.
  10. Celebrate Success!