Do You Seek Similarities and Differences for Growth?

It’s limiting to believe there is only one way to accomplish anything. Our worldly events can be mindfully damaging should we allow them to be so. We may achieve broader goals and outcomes when we finally embrace similarities and differences for growth. Or we can step up to do what we believe is right. However, one person alone can only do so much.

An online post plus an email came my way that brought to my attention the idea that each one of us is different from the next, so collectively (for the most part), we each face discrimination of some proportion. Sadly, though, some face it with greater severity. 

Lotus Solutions, LLC, shares an insightful article via Twitter, which you may see here. Catching my attention is that discrimination exists where we least expect it. Corporate disregard for fairness is sadly typical, but I was foolishly surprised to read that it can also overtake professors’ actions toward students at distinguished universities. 

Now for the creative portion: Upon reading the article, the lyrics by the Beatles, We All Live In A Yellow Submarine, came to mind. We are one world, aka all living in a yellow submarine. The word symbolizes the unspeakable actions we hear about every day. Why, then, is the discrimination and hatred in our world so rampant? Is it possible to see that it is here for us to share and give assistance where we can, not just monetary but words of hope, kindness, and encouragement?

Yellow Submarine Lyrics 

In the town where I was born

Lived a man who sailed to sea

And he told us of his life

In the land of submarines

So we sailed on to the sun

‘Til we found a sea of green

And we lived beneath the waves

In our yellow submarine

We all live in a yellow submarine

Yellow submarine, yellow submarine

We all live in a yellow submarine

Yellow submarine, yellow submarine

And our friends are all aboard

Many more of them live next door

The hope expressed in the lyrics and for our world is for all of us to sail on to the sun and find a sea of green. I interpret the song’s lyrics as we are better off seeking fertile land, a clean environment, and healthy living among the populations.

Every job description will do well to include that we encourage an open and inclusive work environment where varying opinions and diverse staff are welcome. Accepting everyone in your employ or charge will likely lead to glowing testimonials and referrals. And as clients see the curiosity about their backgrounds, experiences, and memorable moments, they will provide the same.

Accordingly, a greater variety of ideas will contribute to the establishment’s growth, no matter the type, and employees will likely remain for the long term. Acceptance of all and their ideas is the differentiator for business success, from entrepreneurship, and job title, to corporate status.

Acceptance of the lyrics, We All Live In A Yellow Submarine, can lead us to a new and better environment for all.

Do You Seek Similarities and Differences for Growth?

Growth begins from within; whatever anything thinks and believes will direct their future outcomes. Should you be one to pursue your goals and ultimate vision actively, the one step most overlook is to reckon with what is not benefitting you to do better. We can each improve by reviewing the previous week’s events weekly to realize what you may discard, revise, test, and re-strategize for a better outcome.

Today’s question is whether we all live in a yellow submarine and most seek out greener fields. Questions to ponder:

  • Can we achieve much more if we all work together? 
  • Will you work together with others for them to move forward similarly? 
  • And if anyone or something has held you back from what you want to accomplish, will you step up past the fear to take action to become the person you envision? 

You may see this as only a non-workable theory. The best action to take whenever an idea presents itself is to test it – there is nothing to lose and everything to gain! Working with others, which includes sharing your best and accepting the ideas from others that resonate with you, will enable more robust growth for you personally and your business.

In Conclusion: Do You Seek Similarities and Differences for Growth?

No one person has all the answers, and it isn’t intelligent to believe you or I have them. We can only grow on multiple levels to learn from others online, in person, through research, study, testing, and ongoing learning. Moreover, our negative news motivates those who care to do far better than we currently experience today.

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