Do You Heed this Marketing Advice?

The better marketing advice is to always be consistent. Consistency applies to everything we do. Included is that our principles and values are to be heard and seen in action. Sales enablement is the topic of the day. However, sales are enabled only when trust and credibility are earned every day. Being believable is to be included between peers, management, and clientele. We come full circle in earning the trust by heading the advice of being consistent.

Through the years, all types of career advice was received. Enjoying what I do is always at the top of my list. Enjoyment went against the grain when it came to selecting a profession. I ignored conventional wisdom to pursue my unique thought.

Examples of career advice that I ignored, include:

  • Be an accountant.
  • I’m creative, and having to fit items into boxes would get me into serious trouble.

  • Become an actuary
  • What? Bet on how long people will live and then sell policies accordingly? Never!

    And then my husband came home from work one day to announce his thought on a new career. “You have the personality of a salesperson.” I quietly turned around to ask, “Is that a compliment or an insult?”

    Over the following few days, I quietly examined the possibilities. Sales held the potential for a decent income. I would be able to meet many types of people at varying companies. Best of all, I would seldom be bored. It appeared as if fun would be possible.

    In all honesty, the fun was found only after MUCH turmoil. Stories that will have you laughing out loud and wondering how I stayed with the profession may be found in my first book; Nice Girls DO Get the Sale .

    I do admit that I have a salesperson’s personality and that’s why I did well. Having thought out my life principles, gave me the confidence to speak up as the need arose. My experiences were the basis for sharing stories and making genuine connections with clientele.

    Out of the office, I managed to have fun on appointments. The fun translated into people surprising me by asking for permission to buy.

    Today, pundits have caught up with the idea of pursuing your passion and finding enjoyment each day. The marketing advice applies to our chosen career. Consistency leads us to success.

    Moving from adolescence to adulthood is a tough transition. Pressure is on you while many are freely offering unwanted advice. In mid-life, circumstances beyond your control can require a new direction. A previous Blog, “Are You Seeking Your Motivating Force? ” provides further insights.

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    Problems arise when things do not turn out as you expect. Your willingness to learn life’s lessons coupled with motivation will get you past the hurdles. Your flexible plan for adjusting to changing times makes it doable.

    We are coming upon a new year. This is the perfect time to reflect on where you are and the direction you wish to head.

    Give thought to:

  • Are you bored with little fulfillment?
  • What do you silently wish to be doing?
  • How can you transform your interests into a keen passion?
  • Think about your prior experiences that stand out. Use the recollections to direct you to something new. Examine the pros and cons of the new to better prepare you for the future.

    May you apply the marketing advice in all you do and enjoy the Smooth Sale!