Do You Have Unpredictable Sales Outcomes?

It might seem like a far-fetched concept, but making the sale should be a consistently predictable and an effortless experience.

Your outcomes should not be unpredictable and you should not have to “follow-up” on qualified prospects who have ghosted you.

When a qualified prospect enters your sales process, you should have an 80-90% confidence level they’ll become a paying client.

If you don’t have that level of confidence, then you still haven’t locked down a predictable and repeatable pre-sale system.

You probably have a post-sale system, as in you know exactly what to do with clients once they agree to work with you.

But pre-sale with new prospects (no referral and zero trust), most likely your approach is far less predictable.

Perhaps you approach the sale as if it’s a social interaction, many advisors do.

Or you revert to expert mode where you share your knowledge and mix in a bit of rapport-building, hoping your prospects will see your value and choose you.

That’s not a sales system, that’s free consulting, which waters down the sales outcome.

By contrast, when you have a sales system, converting your prospect into a paying client is an efficient routine with a predictable outcome.

You have an engineered process that brings new prospects to the point in your first conversation, where they say to you: “How can you help me?”.

From their point of view, it feels unique and specific to their situation.

From your point of view, it’s a finely-tuned sequence you’ve mapped out in advance and repeat with every prospect the same way.

Opportunities rarely slip through your fingers because you know what to say, how to say it, and vague notions like “seeing if we’re fit”, have been designed out of your sales conversation.

You operate more like a doctor than a financial advisor.

Other advisors view their sales meetings as having a casual chat and expecting their prospects to be looking for information, as if they are on a “shopping” trip.

But your prospects should be met by a trusted authority (not advisor) who is so diagnostic in nature.

They don’t even have to like you, to trust you.

You create instant clarity and trust, because you have a system that enables you to zero-in on their deepest issues, creating a sense of gravity and urgency.

“Wow, this advisor is unlike any other I’ve met with. He doesn’t waste time with surface level chit chat or fake rapport, he’s straight to the point. It feels like he does this all the time, he must be good at what he does. I think I’ll go with him.”

That is the kind of trust and instant decision making, that having an effective sales system creates.

You go deep on their issues -> you explain the impact of not solving them -> they ask you for help -> you prescribe the treatment -> you onboard.

It’s that simple.

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