Do You Care Enough To Make It Happen?

Injustices surround most people, although many do not openly speak about them. Many try to do the best they can but often give up. Those who care enough to make something happen will speak up and take action to influence change. We all know that the efforts aren’t always successful, but the motto, ‘Try, try, try again,’ comes to mind.

My Story

Typically, people complain about varying situations but have no desire to be the one to take action and right a wrong. Sadly, everything stays the same when the majority behaves this way. When an issue brings anger, tears, or frustration, it’s time to examine our mindset to attempt to right the wrong.

Corporate inequalities prevail on multiple levels, just as they do throughout societal affairs. Numerous articles reveal the glass ceiling still exists, and only a select minority can openly voice their opinions.

One story from long ago comes to mind, exemplifying the necessary work to establish change after all the years of stagnant activity regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Salary Disparity

Long ago, the salary offered for a new job was minimal, angering me. Another female representative suggested I request 100% commission. It was scary, a hope and a wish, all the while needing to help fund a college education for our children. However, I took her advice. 

I cared enough to make every effort to be a welcoming resource among my clientele. The additional pressure of 100% commission added to my attention to detail, providing value via excellent customer service. Accordingly, new business or sales were never an issue, and I did very well. How well? The Manager had the nerve to complain that I was earning more than him, which wasn’t fair. Fair? Think again!

Greater Disparity

Months later, the same company was in the process of being bought out. The Manager in command called me into his office to let me know I would soon be on salary vs. commission. He then offered a highly insulting amount that I had to clench my fists. But, suddenly, my attitude changed as I burst into hysterical laughter!

The Manager then grew visibly angry, and his face became beet red. He yelled at me, you sign this agreement, or you will be fired! Even so, laughter had the best of me. I then calmed the laughs a bit upon saying,

Take the Offense Not Defense

‘Today is April 1 – known as April Fool’s Day. I’m no fool. Either you give me a reasonable offer, or I will quit, and you will have difficulty finding someone who can mirror my achievement on behalf of the company. You may be the one to face firing next!

Steam was visible, and I quickly ran down the stairs. The following day, the Director of Sales saw me to say, ‘I heard what happened. We will double the offer.’ The amount still wasn’t where it should be, but I accepted and quickly began seeking employment elsewhere. It was evident that management was scrambling to figure out how to survive in the new corporate atmosphere.

The rock band Aerosmith pinpointed the process of caring enough to make something happen. The following lyrics can be heard in their song, 

Dream On: ‘You got to lose to know how to win.’

Whether the loss is due to finances, business loss, lack of goal achievements, or anything else, what matters most is learning from the errors floating around us to hone the lessons to move onward.

Careers are challenging, almost like attempting to climb the steepest mountain. But with determination and the motivation to right the wrongs, we can achieve anything we want, with or without the people currently in our network. 

Take the challenge as it appears: statistics are made to be broken!

Your Story: Do You Care Enough to Make It Happen?

An excellent starting point is to reconcile whether you complain about matters or are one to take appropriate action. 

Should you be hesitant to act upon an injustice, it may be due to a lack of confidence. A public speaking class can help greatly and bring the effort to new heights.

Another strategy is to network and collaborate with those who share similar thoughts about seeking justice. Together, you can achieve so much more than by yourself. Building momentum requires planning with specific goals in mind.

Focus on one item at a time that you find troublesome. List out all the associated issues and ideas for fixing them. Prioritize in order of importance to you. Under each step, list out actions to take. One of the more essential steps is to add a completion date to the goal you wish to achieve. 

Recall the long-term change you want to implement each day, then focus on the daily task list and initial goal. Attentiveness to the necessary actions and meeting your goals will, in the worst case, give you motivation, knowing you are doing what you desire. Garnering supportive networks will add momentum to your cause. The ultimate motto is,

‘Never give up; find a better way!’

In Conclusion: Care Enough to Make It Happen

It’s necessary to keep our emotions in check. However, when we feel pain or experience anger, we must examine everything leading up to it and decipher where change may be necessary. We still have a long way to go in corporate for diversity, equity, and inclusion, and we hope the varying generations will come together to create a unifying solution.

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