Do You Break the Rules As Needed?

Not all rules are fair or logical.

I’m the type who believes in the fairness of all activities. But there is no sense pointing out a problem if one is not willing to stand up and allow others to hear their voice. In many instances, I won my case in negotiating a better result.

It was always beyond my comprehension as to why half the population is treated as second-class citizens. The situation applies to my previous sales career. Unfortunately, the same exists today. Grievances are many, but pointing them out isn’t as helpful as providing insights for appropriate solutions.

A favorite TV detective from the past would always say, “Just the facts.” And that’s all it takes to make your case. If you watch Judge Judy or are asked about documentation, presenting your dilemma is the one time to omit omit emotion. Only reveal the truth. Similarly, should you be employed or in partnership with another, there are times when you need to return to the beginning of the arrangement to unravel what just happened.

As an employee, maintain files for all communication concerning those ranked higher on the career ladder. There are times when a dispute will arise, and you need to return to the original documentation. No one can dispute their words, or argue with the captured date and time of the messaging.

A previous blog asks the question, Are You Timid About Speaking Up? And a funny story of mine that illustrates the why and how to speak up was published by Sales Pop! The result made the stressful situation well-worthwhile!

You may wonder how any of this is breaking the rules. These steps were used on many occasions including:

  • Sell my way versus how everyone else sells
  • Gain more equitable pay when 100% commission wasn’t available
  • Obtain a judgment in my favor that a delay in equipment delivery wasn’t my responsibility
  • On the other hand, story-telling and story sharing with prospective clientele are the differentiators that will have you selling far more. The communication strategy works exceptionally well everywhere, except for disputed business matters. You become memorable whether in front of clients or on job interviews.

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    As troubling statements or poor offers come your way, the time is ripe to take a deep breath and stop in your tracks. You may feel anger inside, but with calm and clarity, begin asking pointed questions to gain understanding. Your job is to uncover why the offerings and statements are alive. Determine if you are in agreement, or if you are angrier than before. Should the justification be unreasonable, calmly provide your perspective and ideas for resolving the situation. The following steps usually promote an improved dialogue.

    On a cautionary note, present your view in this order.

  • State each fact, the problem(s) involved, and how it is to be revised to meet your standards
  • After each fact is presented with a revised approach, ask for questions and thought.
  • Come to an improved conclusion
  • Should an improved conclusion not be in the forecast, it may be time to turn your attention to something else. But, when you can save and improve a situation, feel the smile and celebrate!