Do Financial Advisors Prioritize Information Over Emotion in Persuasion?


Today, I'd like to share a story highlighting a key observation: Are we over-relying on information and analytics while underestimating the power of emotion and influence in our communication?

One of my clients recently held a white glove seminar, which we discussed in detail beforehand. After completing a seminar cycle, we debriefed and found the results were only okay, not up to the standards I would expect from such events.

In this episode, I will discuss why it is not a good idea to overwhelm your clients with too much information and the importance of emotional connection in decision-making and influence.

I also discussed the following:

  • (06:37) The first thing advisors need to have with other people
  • (07:29) What advisors need to be careful of when doing seminars
  • (07:51) One of the cardinal rules of influence
  • (12:09) The correct way to influence people
  • (15:49) When do you determine if you’ve won or lost a conversation?

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