Cultivating a Wealthy Mindset

Not only can a wealthy mindset lead to happiness and career success, I believe that a wealthy mindset is required for this outcome. 

 When I think about wealth, I think about worth -- namely self-worth. We have to believe that we are worthy of the things that we want in our lives in order to have any chance of enjoying them. When you believe in yourself and your worthiness, you believe that your dreams are possible. Therefore, when you look out at the world, you see opportunities that you can leverage to get what you want.

Conversely, when one doesn't fully believe they are worthy, they act more like a beggar – envying people who have what they want. They accept situations that are beneath them -- whether it be a job, friends, living arrangements, how people treat them -- because they don't believe they're worthy of more. 

 Abundance v. Scarcity

What we're talking about here is the mindset of abundance (aka the wealthy mindset) vs. the mindset of scarcity. Naturally, you are going to act differently if you believe that something in your life is lacking.

If you feel you'll never get another job offer, you'll take the first one offered to you. If you don't believe that you deserve respect, you'll tolerate abuse. Conversely, if you have a mindset of abundance and believe that the world is full of possibility, you'll work hard and ready yourself for opportunity. You'll say no to the job that is beneath your ability, or if you take it, you’ll keep your head up and look for a better opportunity.

Thoughts Create Your Energy

When we have thoughts that lead to fear, anger, avoidance, conflict, or tolerance of a bad situation, it tends to drain our energy. It causes us to be in the fight or flight response. Now of course, if you’re being chased by a bear, it’s natural to be scared and angry, and those responses will help you survive. But what often happens is that we’ll allow ourselves to have persistent thoughts that cause us to be in a perpetual state of “fight or flight” when we’re actually not endangered.

For example, if you tell yourself “my boss doesn’t like me,” you’ll likely show up at work every day feeling defensive which takes a lot of energy. Your thought may or may not be true, but if you dwell on a thought like that, your energy will be consumed by the associated fear and anger that this thought triggers and won’t be available to you to look for the opportunities or to do things you enjoy. 

You are what you think

Feed yourself a steady diet of positive thoughts about your worthiness. Get in touch with the things that you truly want in your life and believe that they are possible. Step into the world knowing that you are good and that you are worthy of having the things you want. When you encounter disappointment, don’t get dragged into the negative thought pattern of “I should have known better” or “Who am I to think I could succeed?”

Failure only happens when you give up trying. Feed yourself good thoughts. Know that you are worthy and that if you love and believe in yourself, no one can truly hurt you. This mindset is the path to happiness, success and true wealth. 

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