Creating a Unique Money Vision To Build a Client’s Ideal Life

It’s one thing for advisors to say they want to get better at the human side.

It’s another thing to actually start making changes to your processes and conversations.

And, it’s another thing entirely to have your entire meeting process and deliverables focused on the human side.

Yet, that’s exactly what Jake Northrup did.

At his firm, Experience Your Wealth, here is their 5-step meeting flow for clients:

1) Create Your Inspiring Money Vision

2) Organize Your Financial Life

3) Present Initial Recommendations

4) Prioritize And Implement Action Items

5) Review Progress

And, in every single meeting, Jake has made a point to optimize the human element. From the questions they ask to the deliverables they provide, he’s thought of it all.

In this episode, Jake gives us an inside look into each meeting to reveal how he infuses the human side to help clients live their ideal life.

Things You’ll Learn

  • Using “micro-steps” to improve client behavior
  • The importance of “setting the stage” prior to Discovery meetings
  • The process they use to help clients create their “Unique Money Vision”
  • The meeting where he realized that the human element is becoming essential
  • How to navigate life conversations when the person wants to talk about money
  • The assessment he gives to prospects to help them increase financial self-awareness
  • The psychological power of “spending experiments” to help clients live their best life
  • The action item dashboard Jake uses to improve the gap between knowing and doing
  • The “Life Planning Timeline” he creates to visualize and prioritize what’s most important
  • His sailboat story to demonstrate the value and services of working with a financial planner
  • How he adjusts his interactions with clients based on whether they are audible or visual learners

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