COVID-19: How Do You Sell in This Environment?

Covid-19 has changed the world, like you I’m sitting at home and like you are still looking for answers. Both my parents are in their 80s and are vulnerable and my partner and I are in self isolation. While I’m scared, this is not the time to panic. As a leader I need to show leadership.

This is where the Sales and Marketing Spring Clean comes in.

If you have looked on Linkedin, most of the adverts, content that was paid for and greed pre-Covid-19 forget. I realise you might think, what have we go to lose putting it out. Well actually, you are making a laughing stock of yourself. Nobody needs your supersonic cloud, nobody needs you digital transformation widget, I’m more thinking of if I have a company next week.

One of the Sales Leaders when asked about what they are doing about social media said 

“…good to speak. We operate both a direct and indirect sales model both of which leverage our physical and virtual networks (including social platforms). ….”

But you only look at their social media profiles and you can see they are NOT social selling.

Do it with your own leaders, marketers, sales people … ask yourself, are you, really, really, really modern selling. 

Sales and marketing in the B2B Enterprise space has always been about relationship and conversations. In a Covid-19 world where you cannot cold call your customer because their office is empty, how will you have those conversations and build those relationships?

Mark Schaefer recently asked about how do you sell in the current climate and he said “How would you sell to somebody at a funeral? That is the mindset you need to take right now in this coronavirus environment of anxiety and grief.”

Modern Selling allows the sales person to position themselves on social media as an “expert” and will create and engage in conversations on-line this will enable to get “inbound” from those internet empowered buyers.

In addition, Modern selling allows you to pro-actively connect with people and engage with contacts across social media.

Our Modern Selling methodology provides sales people with the skills to create a personal brand, connect to people over social, create conversations and create content.

When we tested this pre-Covid-19 each sales person can create an additional lead or meeting through social selling.

We would expect each sales person to get one additional meeting per week. Not sure what your win rate is and your average deal size is, but you can do the maths. 

Who else is doing this? We we are and in this video Steve Rafferty, Sales Leader at RingCentral he explains the Business Case for Social Selling via @YouTube

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