Business Discovery Includes Personalized Conversations

Upon accepting the idea that business discovery includes personalized conversations early in my career, I embraced the thought of trying it. The first time for any new experiment can be nerve-wracking. Thankfully the initial attempt to get to know my prospective client up front gave way to an engaging conversation. The engagement leads to additional meetings and, ultimately, the first sale.

But one more factor can dissuade us from using personalized conversations. We see the person or company as being so advanced that we question why they want to arrange a meeting in the first place. It’s with intimidation that we agree to the date and time while wondering, ‘will I disappoint them?’

The issue is believing we have little or nothing to contribute to a new meeting.

My sales approach was always to discover who the people in front of me were upfront. But it is a two-step process; dealing with clients is the second part. Acknowledging our habits, setbacks, and misjudgments will guide us to improve future efforts. Motivation to do well is then able to contribute to the action.

Turning to the collaborative effort changed everything for the better. But there was still a nagging issue; the lack of feeling like an equal upon meeting with highly accomplished people who were either entrepreneurial or leading large companies. It was a struggle to step up to realize how I may contribute insights if nothing else.

Moreover, the pandemic and the temperature increase globally affect everyone. Empathy is an essential ingredient in all conversations, and hearing out the other person’s entire story is a necessary component.

“Even when potentially feeling inferior to another, we can equalize the playing field with authentic caring.

Once again, an introduction came my way recently to a highly impressive CEO who partners with household-named organizations. The offer of a meeting stunned me, and my first question in mind was, ‘Why me?’ but on a better level than the usual dilemma. 

The conversation was engaging, and another took place for me to understand the company effort better. My admiration grew on behalf of the company’s mission.

Insights From the Conversation Can Help Us All

  1. Everyone, no matter the level of accomplishment, faces challenges.
  2. Every company, entrepreneur, and employee carries concern over their financial status.
  3. Most people who leave ego aside crave new ideas for moving forward.
  4. Similarly, those willing to leave a ‘deflated ego’ by the wayside can step up to help.
  5. People who want to succeed will find their way of doing so when they add in a touch of their passion and purpose and who will persevere with all they have.

One successful strategy is to re-examine all conversations that hold meaning for each of us. After I meet with an admirable company, ideas will come to me for how they may further grow their business.

The Learning Point

‘We each have a unique talent. The size and accomplishments of a company do not matter when they are not proficient in the subject matter we know best. Never underestimate your talent, and always strive to be of help as the potential benefits can be remarkable for all.

Business Discovery Includes Personalized Conversations

One other factor holds many people back, but most do not want to admit it. As strange as it may sound, it is necessary to have regular personalized conversations with oneself. It is to uncover what may be holding you back, where improvement can occur, and how to move forward on a better footing. 

We are all unique beings. We do our best when we acknowledge our shortcomings, the improvements we are to make, and the better route ahead. Scorn from others has no bearing on your future results unless you allow it to stop you. It is best to strive to be unstoppable by learning from every setback. Only then can a person do the seemingly impossible to achieve success themselves.

Sales Tips: Business Discovery Includes Personalized Conversations

  1. Mentally level the playing field between you, another, or a company before a conversation occurs.
  2. Although your experience may appear minimal to another, yours is unique and may contribute to helping others.
  3. Moving forward, keep in mind that business discovery includes personalized conversations.
  4. Every person and every company can always use improvement; figure out where your first steps are necessary.
  5. Review your career to realize your unique expertise to assist others in their development better.
  6. Continue researching the latest strategies for your industry to determine which may best apply.
  7. Monitor the latest technology and which makes sense for you to implement.
  8. Collaborate with those who hold similar values and priorities for conducting business.
  9. Review which strategies produce the better results to expand upon those.
  10. Celebrate Success!

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