Are You Selling Value?

It is always surprising when people approach selling a product without mentioning the value it will provide. Without drawing the picture of why services are needed, representatives need to drop their pricing versus holding steady.

In the initial stages of a sales career, the process is nerve-wracking at best. Pressure is put upon salespeople to make their numbers, and their livelihood depends upon making it happen. Should a representative give into fear, they quickly lower the price. The unfortunate pieces are commission is almost non-existent, and clients see no reason for loyalty. Instead, the initial sale is a one-time event.

On the entrepreneurial side, the profession of sales is a daunting task, and quitting begins to sound good. But leaving business behind is never the answer. Likewise, one has to sell themselves on interview and present the value they will bring to the company.

After hours, it is best to give oneself a pep talk in the mirror. Begin saying to your reflection, “you can do this!” Add a smile as you speak. Remind yourself of all the reasons why the prospective client will purchase from you.

The next step is to move back to your computer and research your intended client one more time. Find links that you haven’t yet clicked to gain more insight. Attempt to put yourself in their shoes for an improved understanding of their thinking. Check on their competition and how the companies differ in approach and clientele. There may be further clues as to why they need your services.

Before you go to sleep, review one more time the previous conversation(s). The history may lend insight into a missing piece. An interesting thing happens for some as slumber takes hold. The subconscious plays with the facts, and by morning, a new idea comes to light.

On the day of providing your proposal, confirm that all expectations are in sync. Emphasize the customer service you provide, how it differs from your competitors, and why it adds to the overall value. All of the above ideas gives focus, motivation, and the tools needed to get that sale!

A common theme is for people to say, “I hate to sell.” It’s important to recognize where you on the liking to sell meter from 1-10. If you rate yourself low, then come to terms why that might be. Perhaps a mentor or private trainer will help.

Do You:

– Provide nervous chatter in meetings
– Forget to ask the prospective clients what they believe
– Have continual negative thoughts about your ability?

Begin writing down the type of education you may need to boost your confidence. Sometimes a public speaking class does the trick. Exercising your mind to think positively and improve your repertoire is similar to going to the gym. Initially, a simple workout proves to be exhausting and more than one can bear. But over time, a more strenuous regimen is doable. It’s the practice and conditioning one’s thought that sees improvement.

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On the opposite side or after the sale can come business loss. For added insight read, “Are You Needlessly Losing Business?”

As you begin to recognize an increase in success, confidence increases further. When prospective clients see you actively engaged and smiling, trust builds and so does business. Belief in your ability ultimately increases the size and volume of sales. The fun begins by challenging yourself to sell to the known companies.

Sales Tips

  • Admit if you do idle chatter in meetings versus having engaging conversation
  • Focus on the client’s thought instead of your own
  • Anything sounding unusual on the client’s end, ask more questions
  • Explain your service policy and how it works
  • Be honest in answering all questions asked of you
  • Ask for client expectations as they relate to the sale
  • Confirm you can meet requirements or where you may need to compromise
  • Inquire about the budget and focus on value for the client
  • Ask for the date when the buyer would like to get started
  • Celebrate Success!
  • Our mission is to help you achieve The Smooth Sale!