Are You Seeking Your Motivating Force?

Let’s face it, for most people on a job, Monday morning is not their motivating force.

But what would happen if you could turn the negative thought around into something good? Is it possible you will be happy to go to work with a motivator at your side?

On my first sales job, the all-male sales team, minus me, was not supportive. It was a pretty awful situation plus I had to drive over 30 minutes each way to get to and from the office. I reported in each morning as expected, but quickly departed for my territory. I would much rather call on business parks than be in the office environment. Cold calling became far more motivating the moment I turned it into a game. I challenged myself each day to increase the number of companies willing to see me.

As people began to invite me back for appointments, the conversations were engaging and fun.

I met people different from myself and asked many questions to learn how their businesses operated. It didn’t take too long before we exchanged personal stories. And that was my secret to enduring the office. I would focus on the one thing I enjoyed, and that was meeting with prospective clients . Each morning I awoke wondering who I would meet with next.

Soon after, I turned the process into a mind game of ‘will I be able to get into the known company?’ Experience behind me had me focusing on specific companies that I wanted to sell to so that they would appear on my resume. The purpose always was to secure a better job.

As an entrepreneur , I focus on writing and spending considerable time on social sites. I enjoy meeting people from around the world and reading many of the articles posted online. For me, it’s self-education at its best. I can learn from home and access the information in the moment. The connections from around the world are part of my motivating force.

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By purposefully focusing on one thing that makes your work feel as if it’s a hobby, will have you cheerfully wondering, on Monday morning, what you will achieve next.

Should you be one who is unhappy being employed, before you quit, think about how you might turn the situation around. Is there an element of the job you enjoy and can use it to enhance the experience? And if you are a struggling entrepreneur, return to the reason why you began in the first place. What was it that attracted you to becoming your own boss? Is this something you still wish to pursue? Should your answer be, ‘yes,’ figure out which elements you prefer and then leverage those into something that will make you smile.

Remaining as is in a career that does not excite you will soon become a sinkhole of despair. But by recognizing how we are viewing our situation, we are then best prepared to do something about it. One of the better ideas is to call good friends or peers who know you well to figure out how you may improve your effort. Ideas may not come immediately, but as you give thought to it every day, you will be in tune to new possibilities.

Pay attention to your thoughts as you awake in the morning, and the type of people you are attracting during the day. As you purposefully focus on what you enjoy, somehow the magic appears in the form of introductions and offers of opportunity. As this occurs, you will know you found your motivating force!

A positive mindset coupled with motivation and perseverance will lead you to the Smooth Sale!