Are You Ready for a New Adventure?

The better lessons arrive when we hear the opposite of what we desire. Anger sometimes enters the picture occasionally, but we can put the unwanted emotions to excellent use as we specifically identify what we want and then set goals for achieving them.

Upon growing up, I was instructed to do my best to fit in, follow the crowd, and attend a reputable university to find a husband to support me. However, my goal was to find a subject matter intriguing enough to remain in college so that I may pursue a career of my choosing. Finding a lifelong mate would be someone who shares similar interests on multiple levels. The wait was worthwhile; moreover, the main commonality upfront was our love of travel.

Many people return to the place they enjoy most throughout the years. My opposite nature fills the desire to travel to a new country whenever possible, as it becomes an eye-opening event each time. In addition to experiencing the culture and considering new ways of living, e.g., Amsterdam was far ahead of the U.S. regarding biking to work and elsewhere. Many years later, the U.S. now celebrates ‘Bike to Work Day’ one day per year, and bike paths are consistent in only some cities.

One thought that frequents my mind is for larger companies to require and pay for international travel within a specific budget for anyone seeking an executive position. Populations are changing by blending throughout the world. Anyone refusing to go is more likely not to be open to a diverse and inclusive mindset, which is necessary and soon may become mandatory for business success to continue.

Encourage Inclusive Leadership:

  • Develop comfort with varying cultures and backgrounds.
  • Learn to welcome unique thoughts and suggestions.
  • Demonstrate what one preaches – instituting some of those ideas!

A common saying is that what we put into the atmosphere boomerangs back toward us. Similarly, encouraging travel and learning about varying cultures will bring back a more open atmosphere at corporate, in team meetings, and among the staff. The bonus will establish happier long-term employees willing to openly share ideas for additional business growth.

Your Story: Are You Ready for Something Different?

Upon moving through the work week and greeting the weekend with joy, consider what you find freeing upon leaving work behind for two days. If you occasionally experience fleeting thoughts about international travel but may need more funds to enjoy it, research the options available.

  • For example, traveling on behalf of a non-profit organization, dedicating itself to a specific community, to participate in a project will give you eye-opening experiences, plus you will contribute to the greater good.
  • On another level, you may find organizations seeking promoters of their community service work who will pay partially or fully for the expenses involved.

Throughout life, we have choices of how we support ourselves and contribute to the benefit of others. The remarkable piece of travel that most overlook initially is that the experience can catapult our careers n a better direction. Life teaches us many types of lessons, including the undesirable. But when we are willing to pick up the pieces to try something different, we will benefit ourselves and others, realizing that the best is yet to come!

In Conclusion: Are You Ready for A New Adventure?

Rarely is there a person who lives and believes they live the perfect life. The upsets, dull days, and new encounters enlighten us to do something different. Our job is to pay attention to the sudden thought, map out how we may benefit by embracing a new concept, and then apply the experience(s) to how we think and work. Doing so may make life more fulfilling as we move forward.

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