Are You Planning for Year-End Growth and Beyond?

The first step to planning for year-end growth and beyond is to align our priorities and values with specific far-reaching goals to include the latest applicable technology. No one person, company, or even country has all the answers. We must heed observations, listen to and consider possibilities surrounding us, and research the technology other countries are implementing. The open-minded approach to listening, learning, and implementation will enable us to achieve the desired results and move beyond where we are today.

When entrepreneurs collaborate effectively and corporate teams encourage insights from one another, possibilities can extend beyond what we initially believe possible. And that is only the beginning phase. Upon keeping an eye on the new measures that foreign countries implement for societal good, we may improve our results for year-end growth and beyond.

By September, most businesses and salespeople are crunching numbers and doing everything possible to bring in the most business to the best of their abilities. But growth isn’t simply about currency flowing in. Innovative technology and thought give way not only to additional business growth but also to benefit society.

Given the erratic climate events of late, travel abroad gives new insights regarding the possibilities of working together and improving circumstances. Our visit to Copenhagen was eye-opening in many regards. Aside from enjoying the centuries-old architecture, canals, and delicious food, their efficiencies on many levels were attention-grabbing.

Achieving more requires planning for year-end growth and beyond. Consider how your entrepreneurship or company may begin doing so.


Bicycling is an essential part of transportation within Copenhagen. There are almost two times as many bicycles available as there are people. They cannot take a bike onto public transport, so one is left at the station, and another is available once they are off the train to bike to work. Bike lanes exist everywhere to assist the ease of transport between cars, bikers, and pedestrians.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric vehicle stations in my location are limited in place and accessibility. But in Copenhagen, the stations are many and appear easily accessible.

Greenery Everywhere

Although many may enjoy greenery in their hometown, the one building caught my attention. The creativity working toward increasing a green environment is admirable. This morning alone, I read about ideas coming to fruition:

  • Floating gardens
  • Specific and separate road lanes for automobiles, bikes, and pedestrians – each with trees and plants included.

Summer is the time to enjoy more outdoor activities, relax, and allow ideas to flow for our personal and business lives. Although September isn’t officially part of year-end, it is the best time to put all the ideas that came to us during our relaxing time and apply them to business strategies to propel growth and benefit many.

Planning for Year-end Growth and Beyond

Satisfaction with where one or the business may be is a rarity; most want to move well beyond where they are today. The secret to finding success is to come to terms with where one currently resides and wishes to be and then do the more challenging work of planning for the future. However, one factor that can add to greater satisfaction is adapting technology that reduces waste and unprecedented carbon emissions and may enhance the environment on both a personal and corporate level.

Good leadership’s essence is modeling what one preaches and striving to serve others. Moreover, additional training and exchange of insights will encourage employee contributions, longer-term staff, and client loyalty. The benefit of doing all the seemingly extra work will contribute to the company’s bottom line in addition to serving communities well.

One strategy for achieving more is to set far-reaching goals and work backward by establishing long-term steps for achievement first, then creating medium-range steps, and then initial goals for achievements beyond initial expectations. The approach eliminates wasting time pondering daily, ‘What am I to do now?’ Efficiencies and embracing new technologies will enable achieving far more than original expectations.

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