Are Financial Advisors Overwhelmed by Marketing and Neglecting Business Development?


Hi everyone, and welcome to The Magellan Network Show. For today's episode, I want to talk about a critical topic regarding what advisors must do to grow their business. 

Most advisors I speak with emphasize that social media marketing and having a podcast show or YouTube channel are essential to business growth.

While I fully support these strategies, solely relying on these methods can lead to frustration and a lack of growth.

In this episode, I will discuss the importance of balancing marketing and business development strategies and how advisors can allocate their time and resources more effectively.

I also discussed the following:

(03:44) The value of a CTA (call to action)
(05:20) The difference between marketing and strategic business development
(06:27) What goes into the tactical business development bucket
(09:47) What makes a business development plan great
(10:57) An advice to younger advisors

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