Advisors: You’ll Be Asked This – Don’t Waste the Opportunity


When clients ask how you’re doing, tactically describe what you’ve been doing to equip them with words to easily refer you to others.

  • Instead of treating the question, “How are you?” as a throwaway line, determine to respond in a more valuable way.
  • Practice the words to succinctly tell who you’ve been helping.
  • Then, having planted the details of who and how you help in their minds, quickly redirect the conversation to them, so they know you’re genuinely interested in them.

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“So how are you guys doing?” Don’t waste this question! Here’s how to use it.

When you get asked this question, you want to maximize the opportunity. (And you will get asked it: it’s ubiquitous in our conversation. . .


When I ask advisors how they’re doing — and I say that while role-playing with them, though they don’t quite realize it at the time — they’ll just say, “Busy,” or “Yeah, there’s a lot going on,” and not really reveal anything about what’s actually going on with them. We get so used to hearing and responding to this question, it’s really become a throwaway line. And yet, it’s a great opportunity for you to plant words in your clients’ minds explaining exactly who and how you help.

So, don’t rush past this question. Don’t be long-winded about answering it because you’re not making it all about you, and they don’t want to hear a long, convoluted answer about the last five days of your business. But do be ready with a quick response.

To maximize the opportunity when you do get this question (and you will get it),

  1. Have verbiage ready. Know exactly how you want to respond.
  2. Practice it. You’re going to get asked this question plenty of times, usually in the course of a day, so be ready to respond. Know what you want to say. Know the points that you want to clarify.
  3. Redirect the conversation back to them. Let them know how and who you help, and then let them see that you’re interested in them.

Believe me, what you’ve just described to them will go in, and when they’re talking with friends and family who aren’t hearing from their advisors, your words will come back to their minds. Then you can expect to receive some great introductions from great existing clients.

I look forward to bringing you another Distraction-Proof Advisor Idea next week.