A Simple Explanation of Digital Marketing for Advice


I’m going to put it out there

It’s no longer about whether advice firms do or don’t do digital marketing. It’s about whether you’re comfortable with what you’re missing.

Let me explain.

The big misconception I hear (admittedly less and less) is that marketing your practice online is a stand-alone channel, completely unrelated and disconnected from all the other more “traditional” forms of marketing and prospecting you do.

But what’s the first thing someone who is referred to you – whether by a client or strategic partner – is going to do?

95% of the time they’re going to Google you, which is when your digital “funnel” does the job it was always intended to do.

  • Reinforce the message about what you do and who you help,
  • Amplify your presence so you become top of mind,
  • Accelerate the speed of engagement and likelihood a prospect booking a meeting today instead of in six months,

It also reduces the amount of effort required on your part by making things more scaleable – as in “while-you-sleep” but that’s another story.

In this blog, I wanted to share another summary.

This time of a session I did as part of our Practice Marketing Fast Track course I ran in February all about digital marketing for advice firms.

By the way, I’ll be running it again early next year. If you’re on the program, all Fast Track programs are included in your membership. If not, you can sign up to join us on a course-by-course basis.

At the core of the training, it’s about unpacking how the only three core marketing funnels most advice businesses need to worry about being:

  • Your referral funnel
  • Your partner funnel, and
  • Your digital funnel.

If you’re well into the digital world, you’ll already know it’s become an increasingly effective channel for advisers, accountants and brokers (which may explain why we’ve built 15 new websites in the last 18 months!).

The video may reaffirm your strategy, give you some new ideas or even identify where you may be missing something.

If you’ve stayed away from it because maybe:

  • you worry about the technical side,
  • you’ve tried some stuff which was time-intensive and didn’t quite work, or
  • you’re confused by the sheer number of options out there (do I need SEO???)

…then I hope that this can provide some clarity about how it’s not that different and also not that hard to get right (without spending thousands).

I also hope it will adequately explain why success in digital is often about understanding that everything has a place and spending money on things which are not designed to do what you want them to do, particularly with advice, is a really good way to lose a lot of money.

Digital Marketing and how to make it work for advice practices is one of a number of areas covered in our programs, both in terms of what I coach 1:1, on-demand training resources and the Fast Track courses I’ll be running again in 2022.

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you may have got a sense of what I’m about and can help practices achieve. So, if you think you might like to explore whether working with someone like me, my team and the peer group of advice professionals that make up the Leveraged community, then now may be the time to talk about how you’d like to start 2022 (ie. really, really well).

Enrolments for both our Leveraged Advice Firm & Leveraged Online programs close on 8 December (as do our 2021 membership plans), so feel free to drop me a line at help@audere.com.au to chat or check out details of the programs here.

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