A Lack of Courage: Professionals Avoiding Clear Calls to Action


Too many professionals lack the courage to state their desire with clear calls to action. They leave conversations without an obvious next step. I’m not just talking to sales professionals who want to close a deal. I’m talking to every leader who requires their team to swiftly act on the guidance they give.

Why are we so afraid to ask for what we want?

Why do we hesitate to ask our listeners to act?

Your listeners need clear calls to action, otherwise, confusion sets in and other priorities steal focus. In fact, we surveyed over 250 participants and found that prior to our training, only 65% felt confident in communicating what they wanted from their listeners. That number climbed to 91% attending our sessions.

Do you feel confident in your ability to ask for what you want from your listeners? If you want your listeners to leave your conversation knowing exactly what to do, convey your calls to action in three practical steps.

1. Explain the ‘Why’

By explaining why the action is important you will help solidify the motivation for your listeners to act.

“Adjusting the performance review process will allow more room for employee development.”

The ‘why’ motivates your listener, providing purpose behind the ask.

2. Set a deadline

To set expectations, clearly express the date by which you need the action completed.

“Prepare two ideas to share with the team by Friday at noon.”

Setting a deadline allows your listener to understand the expected delivery of the ask.

3. Provide benefits

Share the benefits that resonate loudly with your listener.

“Centralizing these ideas reduces the impact to individual workload.”

Pay close attention this week to your conversations by giving your listeners clear and concise calls to action and see how much more influential you can be.

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