9 Easy Ways Advisors Launch Their Focus on Women

You have developed a new message and brand focused on women, so now what? “Build it they will come” is a great concept, but life could get pretty lonely unless you are ACTIVELY sharing your message and brand.

As you develop your marketing strategy, you must focus on PASSIVE and ACTIVE systems. You need both, and each enhances the results of the others.

PASSIVE strategies are more about drip emails, fliers, advertisements, and social media to put your message and brand out there consistently. Passive strategies enhance brand awareness and keep relationships warmed up. Passive methods can lead to new business, but it is a long, slow and lonely process without incorporating ACTIVE strategies.

ACTIVE strategies are phone calls, networking, face to face, speaking to groups. Active strategies are opportunities to engage in live conversations and in-person. This is how you build relationships. They need to hear you, feel you, see you and make connections. Once you have initiated a new relationship, passive strategies help keep that relationship alive and warm until they are ready to act.

Once you have developed your brand and message, you want to start passive and active strategies simultaneously. Here are some real examples of what you can do to generate more leads:

Passive Strategies

  1. Email Launch – Roll out your new message and brand in consecutive emails starting with:
    o Your new focus on women
    o Your story – why women
    o Your new compelling message
    o Invitation to your unique event
  1. Engaging Nurture Emails – Start sending out fun, interesting, and engaging emails that women want to read. Market updates do not enhance relationships. They provide information that, frankly, can be found in a hundred other places, even on your phone. Email out at least two female-friendly emails each month consistently.
  1. Social Media – Posting on social media is essential for any advisor. You don’t have to make it complicated or technical but focus on women. Repurpose your drip emails and post them on social media. Some people read your emails, and some read Facebook and LinkedIn. Consider our Growth Coaching Program as our femXadvisor Library offers monthly sources for great content.

Active Strategies:

  1. Call every influential person in your database to share your new focus and brand over coffee. Keep it light, energized, and NOT salesy. If you create a good message, they will become inspired to work with you.
  1. Host a focus group where you get to present your new message and process in-person – these have been so successful! Advisors have hosted more than one selecting different people each time. Create your focus group.
  1. Host events for women – select one event that stirs emotions in women, avoids charts and statistics, and supports a more facilitative style of presenting that gets the audience talking.
  1. Speak to women’s business groups in your community – many groups are constantly looking for speakers for their upcoming meetings. You can email the contact person and offer your services to present your unique event that women love by simply googling women’s business organizations. Our Savvy Seminar can easily be adapted to a 60 min or 20 min presentation, so you don’t have to learn something new, and it continues your consistency of brand and message on women.
  1. Meeting with COIs focusing solely on your new women’s practice and process – this is what will get the door opened when others can’t.
  1. Cold walking with Cookies – Sometimes you must get out and enjoy the beautiful day. Pick up some fun cookies in the shape of shoes or purses, have your event invitation or event calendar in hand, and hit every store that focuses on women. Leave your calendars behind to be shared with other women.

It’s the combination of both passive and active strategies that can have the most significant impact on your visibility, exposure, and ability to promote your value, attracting more interest, clients, assets, and revenues.

Pick a combination that works for you and work it. By focusing on just one or two active strategies at a time, you can become more proficient, more comfortable, and effective. It’s all about finding a process and strategy that maximizes your strengths and talents.

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