8 Ways Leaders Can Check-Out This Week to Take a Break

As leaders look at their long to-do lists as the holidays and vacation period rolls in, we have two choices to make: tackle our agenda items to get a head start on the new year or step back and forget about it all for a bit. I’m not saying to leave everything for January, but rather take a week to breathe, connect with our families and friends, relax our bodies and minds and just unplug.Are you with me? So here are some ways to embrace your check out time to honor all our hard work from 2018.

Check out Time Choices For Leaders In Need Of A Break:

Add A Few Hours Of Sleep

Sleep is such a luxury for many leaders that committing to additional hours of sleep can put us in a different headset and rejuvenate us. Sleep deprivation is a dangerous habit that many of us get stuck in. Undo it this week.

Contact A Friend Who You Never Seem To See

Leaders all have that friend that we care about so much yet have not been able to schedule some time to connect. Do it during your holiday week and nurture one another.

Curl Up With A Work Of Fiction

Works of fiction can transport us to places we have never been or dreamt about. Find a story and allow yourself to become immersed in it. What will happen next is your creative juices will start bubbling up.

Take A Walk Or Stroll

Some leaders live in warmer climates while others are possibly dealing with the cold. No worries. Just get out of your home or office and open your eyes and walk inside or outside. Be intentional and really observe what is around you.

Explore An Idea That You Have Been Thinking About

Many of us have ideas rolling around in our brains that we never seem to have the time to let out and explore. Do you have some personal project you have been eager to set in motion? This is the week to do some research and learn with joy.

Try A New Exercise Class

Leaders can get very busy and routinized. When it comes to keeping in shape we tend to repeat what we know we can fit into our schedules. So why not try a new workout or class? It may be just the change in your exercise routine that you need.

Schedule A Massage

Some of us may be feeling physically exhausted and our bodies are screaming out for help. Indulge yourself in a massage that not only will improve your aching muscles but also reinvigorate your brainpower.

Laugh With A Group Of Friends

Make that date with friends and conscientiously have fun and laugh. Decide ahead of time that this will be a time of letting loose and being supportive of one another. Start the ball rolling by telling them how much you appreciate their friendship. Magical words will keep coming. What other ways do you plan on checking out rather than catching up? Happy Holidays and Rejuvenate!