7 Ways to Add Value As A Leader

I was asked recently what ‘value’ I bring to the people I connect with? It sparked some reflection.

We add value to others in leadership, friendships, relationships, connecting with others, and especially family. We add value every time we offer something without expectation of reward. We add value when someone is in need and we have just the right degree of resources, advice or support they need.

There are many ways you can add value:

  • Create something that someone can use.
  • Inspire someone to take action.
  • Lend a helping hand.
  • Be a shoulder to cry on.
  • Give without expectation.
  • Show someone a better way.
  • Provide a new perspective. Lead by example.
  • Listen more.
  • Give your full attention.
  • Just be there for someone.
  • Love them.
  • Bestselling author Adam Grant of ‘Give and Take’ , highlights the fact that success doesn’t happen at other people’s expense . That Givers give without any expectation of getting anything back, and generally speaking they are more successful than those who have ulterior motives. I agree with that entirely. In fact, my husband would tell you that I’m happy to give it all away if it will help someone in need.

    Zig Ziglar wrote, “if you give enough people what they want, you will get what you want.”

    In short, giving is good for you.

    When you consider the list above, I’m pretty sure that most of us consider ourselves people who add value to others. That we give of our talents, our resources, our connections when the time or circumstances are right.

    But as a leader, do you give without concern for reward. Do you add value to those who report to you by caring, being considerate, and wanting to make a difference?

    According to Amy Cuddy, social psychologist at Harvard Business School, it’s warmth – not competence – that’s more important in assessing the impact someone has on you . How do you make the other person ‘feel’?

    The most important component of knowing your value is self-awareness . It is understanding your strengths and weaknesses, your thoughts and motivations, so you can live your best self. You have to know your pitfalls and shortcomings and be aware of your limitations before you can begin to define the value of who you truly are. :

    7 Ways You Can Add Value As A Leader :

    1. Be interesting What’s your history? What kind of experiences have you had? The more diverse your interests, and the more you can share it with others, you more value you add, and the more respect you gain.

    2. Be interested in other people This follows with #1. Curiosity is the great revealer about who people are, what drives them, what they care about, what they need? Do you go out of your way to explore?

    3. Ask open-ended questions Remain curious, and non-judgmental until you have all the information you need?

    4. Be a good listener Make space for people to share their thoughts and feelings, and dig deeper to really listen to what’s being said.

    5. Ask “how can I help you?”

    6. Give compliments and appreciation freely (it raises your dopamine levels)

    7. Express gratitude for people in your life by the actions you take to show it?

    Knowing your value as a person, and a leader is key to bringing your true self to everything that you do, and to building a strong network of people who look forward to your interactions.

    Ultimately, leaders who know their value and can convey it with passion and honesty, will create a life filled with meaning and purpose, and ultimately happiness.

    If you feel you need some help on that, I’m open to giving you the support you need.

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