7 Strategies To Get More Right-fit Clients From Social Events

Here are 5 reasons why you should strongly consider adding Social Event Marketing to your overall client-acquisition plan: 

  1. Some Clients are More Comfortable with this Approach
    While many clients will willingly introduce you to someone through an email (or, these days, even a text), others view a social event as a softer, more comfortable approach.
  2. Great for Meeting Very High-Level Prospects
    If you ask your clients to bring a friend, colleague, or family member to one of your social events, you can teach them who a right-fit client is for you, so they only invite great prospects to attend with them.
  3. Creates Higher-Trust
    Meeting a prospect in a social setting first means that when you sit down for a more formal business conversation later, a good level of trust will have already been established.
  4. Enhances Client Engagement
    There is a low correlation between satisfied clients and the giving of referrals. It is engaged clients who provide referrals and make solid introductions. Continually look for opportunities to help your clients feel engaged by your value and with you.
  5. It’s a Fun Way to do Business!
    Creating business friendships with your clients is the secret ingredient that turns them into advocates for you. All things being equal, people do business with people they like. All things NOT being equal, people still do business with – and create introductions to – people they like.

7 Strategies to Maximize Your Event Marketing Results 

  1. Be clear on the purpose of your events.
    Is the purpose of your event to show your appreciation to your clients, or to get your clients to invite guests? The mistake most people make is not being clear with their clients.
  2. Favor Smaller Events
    The purpose of a client-appreciation or marketing event is to connect with people. The larger the event, the thinner the connections.
  3. Hire an Event Planner
    Event planners are usually not too expensive, and the time, money and headaches they can save you from are typically well worth the investment. A good event planner will anticipate and prevent problems, while offering ideas for ways to add value and creativity … even on a low budget. When you consider the upside potential of a marketing event, an event planner is a no-brainer.
  4. Create Personal Invitations
    The best way to get clients to attend with a guest is to call those clients personally and be completely transparent about the purpose of the event (for introductions). Let them know about an upcoming event, tell them to expect an invitation, then follow up to see if they have identified anyone they’d like to bring.
  5. Pay Attention to the Details
    • Consider the entire flow of the event (have signs or helpers to direct people, if necessary.)
    • Visit the venue on the same day of the week & time of day as your event will be.
    • Prepare a seating plan, if necessary (have guests intermingled with clients).
    • Send a car for older and/or top clients
    • Hire a photographer for “couple portraits”
  6. Consider Inviting Centers of Influence
    Do you have centers of influence you are courting? Consider inviting one or two to every social event. Let them see the great relationships you have with your clients and show them a nice time.
  7. Follow Up with Clients and Guests
    While the relationship magic happens at the events, it’s the follow up that creates the true results – more business from current clients and new business from new clients.

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