6 Steps to Success for Women Advisors

Let’s face it— for most women advisors, business growth has been fueled solely by discipline, hard work, and a sheer determination to succeed. Yet, underneath it all, they knew there had to be a better, more effective way to succeed in this industry.

It doesn’t have to be so challenging, so painful, but straying from the traditional methods often attracts unwanted attention and less than positive feedback. It seems safer to stay under the radar in most cases rather than to stir ​​up attention with new and creative ideas.

But times have changed; women have proven their worth in the financial services industry. Firms are scrambling to hire more female advisors, not because they are filling court-mandated quotas, but because they recognize the value (and revenues) female advisors can bring to the business.

As women, we must recognize this shift and use this new position to make positive changes, not just to enhance our path to success but to transform a stodgy industry stuck in the mud. We must stop trying to prove our worth (been there, done that) and begin rebuilding using our unique strengths as women to redesign how business on Wall Street.

I have spent more than 15 years coaching female advisors and, to me, the path to success for women is quite simple. When you build your business, process, and marketing strategy around your strengths as a woman, amazing things happen.

Your passion and enthusiasm for what you do are immediately rekindled. You will begin to see that what you thought was possible, what you dreamed you could accomplish, is right there at your fingertips. This shift will not only transform your business and life but will also re-inspire your clients, engage and empower more women, and help you connect with the generations that follow simply by providing a new, more personal, and authentic approach to doing business your way.

I realize not every female advisor has the time or resources to get the personal coaching they need to transform their business, but you can begin the process by following the 6 Steps to Success. 

6 Steps to Success for Women Advisors

1. Get to know yourself again

Examine the real you— highlighting your talents, desires, fears, and flaws, leave nothing on the table. Uncover what truly inspires and motivates you, as well as discover the aspects of the business that fill your soul. Identify your natural strengths. List your unique strengths as a woman without thinking as a financial advisor. Recognize what makes you successful in other aspects of your life, write them down, and own them. Now take each of your strengths and recognize how that strength makes you good at what you do as a financial advisor, how it adds to your clients’ wealth management and business growth.

2. Resurrect your true purpose

You knew it at one point, but it may have gotten buried in the process of doing business. Why did you get into this business
in the first place? What is it you really love about what you do? Dig deep and go beyond “helping people.” Helping whom? Helping how? Peel the layers of the onion on yourself.

3. Develop your unique message

This message should reflect your purpose, your tribal market, the impact you want to make on the lives of others. Your compelling message should be more about whom you help rather what you do.
Don’t get caught up in the typical approach focused on how smart and talented you are. Remember, they don’t care what you know until they know that you care. (Read about the complete process in my book, The Keys to the Lady’s Room.)

4. Embrace who you are destined to help

Understand who your tribal market is (not the target market). Your tribal market is all about the character of the client. List the personality characteristics of your favorite clients, understand who they are, i.e., goal-oriented, philanthropic, determined, great savers, driven by faith, or nothing is off-limits. Now make a list of your characteristics, what makes you who you are, how others close to you would describe you. Chances are, in many ways, you are your tribal market. The size of assets should only be a factor when recognizing the value of your time, talents, and energy.

5. I encourage you to trust your instincts

Shed the traditional industry protocol and to re-launch your message, brand, and
focus with fresh conviction fueled by your passion and purpose. This is when the real magic happens.

6. Redesign your marketing strategy

Make sure every aspect of your marketing is focused on what your tribal market
needs and wants, and let the message continually reflect you, your new message, and your new focus. Make your marketing personal, warm, friendly and nurturing. Try to avoid any financial language, and speak from your heart, focusing on WHY you need to know this, WHY I care about you. Share your beliefs, desires, and mission as a financial advisor, but let them reflect on you, your life, and your personality.

These Six Steps have been highly instrumental in helping many women advisors rediscover their true value as advisors, recognize their ability as a woman in business, and provide a new path to success for women in finance. For additional resources to authentically grow your practice check out Adri’s most popular book, The Keys to the Ladies’ Room: A New Business Model for Financial Advisors.