6 Reasons Why 2021 Won’t Be the Same as 2020 for Salespeople

There’s no denying that 2020 was an unusual year. Now that it’s in the rear view mirror, we can move into 2021 with renewed goals and a sense that things will be different this go-around the sun.

For salespeople, 2021 looks to be a promising year. Employment is rising, the vaccine is being distributed, and we’re all well-versed in the art of using video conferencing software.

While we’re only into the first weeks of 2021, here are six reasons why we can be certain that it won’t be the same as 2020:

1. Less uncertainty 

When the pandemic hit, we were caught off guard, unsure of what the immediate future would bring. Now that we’ve been at it for almost a year, most salespeople have figured out how to navigate the complexities of pandemic life. Not only will there be less uncertainty among salespeople this year, there will also be less uncertainty in the business world in general, which bodes well for anyone trying to make a living selling to others.

2. Projects that were pushed to 2021 will go off 

If you didn’t lose a deal because of the upheaval of 2020, you’re in the minority. Companies put projects and decisions on hold, leading to cancelled deals and lots of unhappy sales reps. In 2021, however, many of those projects will be back on the table, and there will be lots of opportunity for sales reps who stayed in touch with past clients.

3. Projected growth 

The global economy essentially went off a cliff after the coronavirus and its subsequent restrictions hit. But for many industries, the growth projections for 2021 look strong. The CBO projects a 4.2 percent annual growth rate in real GDP for 2021 — a strong number. This means people and companies will be spending, investing, exporting, and importing, all great things for salespeople.

4. The kinks have been worked out 

Back in March, few companies knew how to handle our new normal, and few salespeople felt comfortable with an ever-changing process. A year later, however, we’ve all become professional virtual-sellers, and those selling in person now understand the required safety protocols. To put it simply: we can all do our jobs effectively, and there’s nothing to hold us back in 2021.

5. More in-person meetings 

If vaccine distribution rolls out as planned, there’s a good chance we’ll resume some level of face-to-face meetings in the second half of 2021. In many cases, it won’t make much of a difference, but there’s still nothing quite like meeting in person with a prospect, especially when you’re negotiating deals with huge price tags. Once face-to-face meetings pick back up, we’ll know that we’re closer to normal than ever before.

6. Optimism 

2020 was not a positive year. It was scary, divisive, and tragic for those who lost friends and loved ones. But 2021 has the potential to be the opposite. There is a lot to look forward to, and many signs that great things are right around the corner. And — as every salesperson knows — there’s no substitute for optimism. So let’s all hope that 2021 lives up to expectations, and that it helps to make up for the year we all just had.

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