5 Secrets To Leading Through A Website Rebranding

For many leaders who have been part of developing their business website know that there are good days and challenging days. The process can be overwhelming at times but if they stay the course a magical website can ultimately emerge. A leader’s rebranded website can be a new beginning of sharing all their hard work as well as their dreams. I know this to be true because I have just completed my website redesign and branding. I can’t wait to tell you all about it and give some insights for those on the verge of attempting this all-encompassing decision.

Five Secrets To Leading Through A Website Rebranding

1. Look At Your Current Website and Say “It’s Time”

It can take months or years to come to terms with the fact that a leader needs to re-imagine their website. After all, we probably have spent a great deal of time and money on our current sites. We already devoted so much energy in designing our current website and the idea of embarking on that journey again can seem daunting. It is time to be honest and take a leap of faith that you can do it!Related: When Leaders Share Their Stories They Build Credibility

2. Gear Up For Adventure

Once leaders are committed to moving forward, they need to get in the right headset. There needs to be a mindset shift from maintaining the status quo to becoming a creator. What are some ways to gear up for adventure?
  • Build time into your schedule to rebuild your website. Without making room for the website redesign and branding you will derail.
  • Start looking through all different websites that catch your eye.
  • Jot down colors and shapes that speak to you.
  • Talk to colleagues and clients who have recently done a website and branding overhaul.
  • 3. Research The Best-Fit Branding/Web Developer Professionals

    There is no right or wrong or good or bad with finding the professional team to work with. I truly mean this. It is so personal and that is why it takes time locating the right team to partner with to rebuild your website and branding. It is all about whom a leader feels most comfortable with. Choosing wisely at the outset will hold you in good stead throughout the process. Personality counts so keep that in mind. Previous work of your potential professionals is important too. I chose wisely.Related: 4 Foolproof Ways For Leaders to Build Relationships

    4. Perform The Hard Work Even When On Overload

    As the process begins prepare to put your brain and heart on “overdrive”. There is no way around it. This is a deep delve into every aspect of our leadership brand. Although there will be days as I experienced that I felt one more decision was going to put me over the edge, one cannot give up. Here are a few tips on how to keep marching forward when all a leader wants to do is crawl into a hole:
  • Stay open-minded to every suggestion even if they sound crazy.
  • Try not to take any pushback as personal. Remember it’s all about building your best website ever.
  • Make room in your schedule for the unexpected. It happens.
  • Be willing to redo and redo and redo.
  • Stay true to your unique leadership brand.
  • 5. Enjoy The Magical Outcome

    When they are finished leaders can sit back for a bit and just soak in the excitement of what they have rebuilt. Take time to honor the new beginning that has been created. Share it with your communities and platforms with joy and accomplishment. Welcome to www.terriklassconsulting.com.