5 Powerful Strategies to Increase Your Business's Value

Are you focused on growing the value of your business?

You should be.

Working ON your business needs to take priority at some point over working IN it.

These 5 value-building Moves we made to create a BILLION DOLLAR organization had amazing results; they can work for you too!

#1. Differentiate your business from your competitors — Can value be created in your business if you are the same as everyone else in the markets you serve?

You need to be The ONLY ONE who does what you do.

#2. Focus on growing top line revenue — Revenue trends tell you how the market “feels” about the value you deliver.

Use it as the main indicator of whether or not you’re growing sustainable value in your business.

#3. Stop! doing yesterday’s relevance — You don’t have unlimited resources and you can’t afford to be spending time on activities that don’t add value to your business.

Whack! the stuff that isn’t on your strategy.

#4. Build relationships for long term growth; don’t chase short term revenue kicks — Set your sights on creating long term sustainable value; short term revenue bursts are fine but if you can’t maintain that level of performance over the long term they’re not value-building at all.

Put in place a relationship-building culture rather than one that focuses on sales.

Sustainable value—and growing gross revenue— is created from a customer base that is loyal to you and trusts that you will solve their problems/exceed their expectations over the long run.

#5. Execute first; plan second — Sure your plan is important, but don’t get mesmerized by it. Trying to get it “perfect”, whatever the hell that means.

While you’re trying to get your direction exactly right, your smart competitors are bypassing you because they’re executing their “imperfect” plan.

Spend 20% of your time to get your plan “just about right” and 80% of your time on how to execute it.

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