4 Proven Ways To Increase Your Influence & Win New Clients with Bill Cates

If you’re like the advisors we know, you want to meet more of the right clients. But how?

By increasing your influence and referrals. 

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Bill Cates, a ProudMouth client & vetted expert in our PodRocket Influence Academy. As a referral coach, Bill has helped 250,000+ professionals and business owners experience exponential business growth by multiplying their best clients. Now, he’s sharing four proven ways to increase your influence and referrals – so you can become your ideal clients’ obvious choice. You’re about to hear success stories of advisors who are earning new business using these four techniques.

  • The real reason sharing your “why story” wins new clients (plus, the story that attracted $1.5M in AUM within a week)
  • How to come up with your “why story,” even if you’re nervous about getting personal
  • Real 90-day programs that are accelerating advisors’ referrability (it doesn’t have to take six months to become referable!)
  • Why niche-focused advisors wish they’d niched out sooner

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