3 Magic and Proven Moves You Can Make To Have an Audacious Career

For those of you looking for the ‘Magic Formula’ to succeed, these are the 3 Audacious Career Moves that worked for me in leading an organization to A BILLION IN SALES.

#1. Have a Career Game Plan.

Success requires a plan to define what you covet, and what you need to do to achieve your end goal. And it should be a 24-month not 5-year view to require you to take action NOW, rather than procrastinating with the belief you will get things done 4years from now (which rarely happens).

The career business is highly competitive with most job applicants highly educated. Your challenge is to break through the clutter of success seekers and win.

If you don’t have a specific plan, you’ll wander aimlessly looking for opportunities and hoping you’ll win a few. You might, but then again you likely won’t.

#2. Create your Personal ONLY Statement.

Success demands uniqueness. Special people rise to the top in whatever they do, crowd ‘indistinguishables’ don’t. If you don’t stand out in some compelling, relevant way, you will forever struggle to be the chosen one for roles you seek.

Craft your ONLY Statement to declare what YOU do that no one else does.

“I am the ONLY one who…” is the leverage you need to stay out of the herd, be noticed, get chosen and win!

#3. Gather Mentors who have an MBA—Master in Business Achievement.

The ONLY mentors you need are those who are master rafters at DOING STUFF! Getting things done.

These incredible humans are the antithesis of intellectual procrastinators.

Find them. Befriend them. Listen to them. Follow them.

And you will outlast the crowd seeking to win.

The crowd won’t win.

You will.

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