10 Things Salespeople Forgot About in-Person Meetings

It’s been a long road, but we’re finally easing back into ordinary life. Salespeople have had an especially strange adjustment, having gone from spending much of their time in meetings with prospects and coworkers to staring at their computers from the comfort of home. Whether they like working from home or not, for most people, it’s taken some getting used to.

On the flip side, readjusting back to normal will take some getting used to as well. And there’s probably no stranger experience to ease back into than an in-person meeting. While it will probably only take a few meetings for it to feel normal again, those first few might be a bit disorienting.

Here are the ten things salespeople forgot about in-person meetings:

1. They require more preparation than video calls 

You can’t just waltz in 30 seconds before the meeting starts wearing shorts and a clip-on tie.

2. Putting on nice clothes can be complicated 

Clothes need to be washed, ironed, or dry-cleaned. Oh, and they need to match too.

3. Shaking hands is important 

It might feel weird after 14 months, but it’s like riding a bike… it’ll come back quickly.

4. Choosing where to sit can be awkward  

You want a good seat but you don’t want to look like you’re trying to dominate everyone.

5. In-person, you can’t turn your camera off 

Unfortunately, there’s no way to disappear when you’re meeting in person. The only thing you can do is leave.

6. People make strange noises sometimes 

There’s no way to mute yourself (or anyone else) in person.

7. Body language can tell you a lot 

All those subtle queues you can’t see on video are much more obvious in real life.

8. You can’t stare at yourself 

There’s no way to indulge your narcissistic side without a camera pointed at your face.

9. Surfing the web while somebody is talking is rude 

Say goodbye to spending half the meeting on Twitter. In person, you have to pay attention.

10. After the meeting is over, some people like to hang back and chat 

Don’t go rushing out the door just yet. Casual conversations are back!

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