Confidence Is Everything in Leadership

Confidence has little to do with age or gender or background. I coach both emerging leaders and seasoned leaders who allow their lack of confidence to impact their decisions and actions in the workplace. In my leadership workshops I interact with leaders in all different industries and the issue of confidence always comes up. Even when leaders clearly possess strong capabilities and talent, something inside of them creates doubt .

  • They may be afraid to ask for help to complete a project with a tight deadline.
  • They may feel undeserving of speaking up about a promotion.
  • They can come across wishy-washy about a topic they understand well.
  • They are anxious about a presentation that they have done tons of times.
  • The list can go on and on. You can fill in how a lack of confidence prevented you from asking for something or offering your suggestions. We’ve all been there at different points. We allow ourselves to second guess the actions we critically need to take to propel forward. And it’s all because of our self-doubt or lack of confidence.

    Leadership Confidence-It’s Everything!

    Confidence Impacts Our Leadership Brand

    If we want to be impactful leaders and make a difference in our work worlds it is essential to be confident. Not arrogant. We need to be both self-assured and respectful in sharing our ideas and expertise. Our communication needs to be clear and specific. We willingly share facts and information. We present with excitement and intent.

    Confidence Builds or Derails Relationships

    To grow and form healthy relationships with bosses, co-workers and customers leaders need to be confident in their decisions and actions. Our interactions must show that we are approachable and willing to help. Leaders allow their confidence to shine through when:
  • We offer to assist team members with their challenges.
  • We listen actively to what our customers are saying to truly understand their needs.
  • We openly share our missteps and mistakes as well as the lessons we learned.
  • We take an interest in what energizes our bosses and team members.
  • Confidence Moves Our Careers Forward or Causes Us To Stand Still

    If leaders believe in their abilities to perform at their highest levels they will exceed team and customer expectations. Confident leaders recognize there are also areas that they need to grow and will ask for training to improve. They are not fearful of not being an expert in everything and are willing to work hard to add skills to their toolbox. A confident leader reaches out to find mentors or coaches to guide them. They remain flexible to different options and are willing to take on stretch goals in order to move their careers forward. They push themselves to step outside of their comfort zone to build confidence in new areas.Related: Want To Make An Impact? Lead With Humble Pie

    Confidence Spills Out Into Our Personal Lives

    Any confident leader knows that whatever they learn in their professional worlds can be integrated into their personal lives as well. Here are some hints I give to leaders I work with about growing both professionally and personally:
  • Try out the new strategies on “safe” people in your personal life first.
  • Ask for feedback on how you are doing with your new skills from both colleagues and friends.
  • Observe how self-doubt impacts both your personal and professional life.
  • Cheer yourself on when you feel like a confident leader.
  • If you would like more strategies in building your leadership confidence and facing impostor syndrome straight on then download my new free ebook today. How has confidence impacted your leadership? How have you learned to be a more confident leader?