Contract Management Helps Employers Automate

Contract management helps employers automate the management of the work provided by contractors.

The software helps employers manage a range of contractors working on varied projects in one place. There are many contract management software that offer a choice of tools and customizability options. Some software are cloud-based, some are web-based and others can be installed in the system of the company.

The best contract management software options will allow you to customize their function to your business so that you can streamline and automate as many processes as possible. Here are some highly ranked software packages that you might consider choosing.

Agiloft Contract Management Suite

Agiloft is a user-friendly contract management software. It can be used by companies of all sizes and is cloud based. Features of the software include the capacity to automate contract and vendor management, customize workflow management, change management, automated help desk and, document management. The software is secure and is HIPAA, SSAE16 and SOX compliant. Using Agiloft is beneficial because it is customizable and businesses can formulate their own rules to update or validate data in records or systems.

Conga Contracts

Conga Contracts is a feature-rich contract management software. It is a hybrid software that can either be stored in a cloud or installed in the system. It is useful for companies of all sizes. Features of the Conga software include easy visibility and tracking of contractors and projects, easy control of workflow and approvals, simple procedure for archiving, it comes complete with contract templates and a negotiation portal and, has an advanced analytics feature. The software is secure and SOC 2 compliant. Using Conga Contracts Software is beneficial because it helps a company streamline the management of its contracts working on varied projects. It quickly increases the efficiency of managing contracts and tracking the progress of projects.

Contract Insight

Contract Insight is a contract management software that can be stored on a cloud and installed on windows and on android and iOS mobile operating systems. It is user-friendly and can be used by companies of all sizes. Features include easy tools to automate contract compliance management, contract tracking, financial management, full audit trail with time, user and date tracking and advanced contract reminders. The software is NIST, HIPAA, SOC and, GSA compliant. Benefits of using the software include efficient tracking tools that help a company to track active contracts, expiring contracts and pending contracts. The other benefit is that the software can be easily customized .


Ironclad is a user-friendly and customizable contract management software. It is a web-based software that allows management of all aspects of contracts and projects easily. Companies of all sizes will find the software beneficial. Features include a unique self-service contract generation, easy organization of contracts and contract templates, and easy to use the search function and an automatic naming and storage function to streamline contracts. Benefits of using the Ironclad software include a collaborative interface, produces KPI and productivity reports, provides electronic signatures and allows streamlining of the workflow.

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ContractRoom is a powerful software that helps companies of all sizes plan and manage projects by tracking their contracts. Features include multi-party collaboration utilities, contract templates, automated management of workflow and automated task assignment. The software is HIPAA, SOC, PCI and ISO compliant. Benefits include user-friendliness, automatic recording of transactions and helps save time.


A good contract management software that can be customized to specific needs will help save time and effort for and company. The software will also help increase the efficiency and productivity of the business . If you have refused to purchase it by now, you need to take a long look at your financials and make some space for it. It’s an investment that will pay for itself in only a short amount of time.