5 Creative Ways to Follow-up with a Prospect

In an ideal world every prospect would sign up with you at the first meeting , immediately recognizing they are in need of what you are offering. In the real world however, prospects may not yet realize your value or understand that they can trust you.Don’t leave things to chance on the basis they may get back to you. Always follow-up. Make sure to call prospects and speak to them directly. You don’t have to feel that you’re trying to push products onto people who are not in the market for your services. Remember, they have indicated that they’re actively looking for a financial advisor.People tend to get distracted easily however, so here are some creative ways to follow-up and remind prospects of your worth .

#1. Follow up with a thank you email

Once you’ve met with a prospect, send them an email that same day. This simple action can have a positive, powerful impact, and it will keep you top of mind, which is especially useful if prospects are currently choosing between several financial advisors. A short thank-you email with a brief recap of the meeting and any ‘to do’s’ will help you communicate that you’ve understood their goals and that you have practical steps at the ready should they wish to take things further.

#2. Offer inspiration

Following up shouldn’t be sales-oriented. As you did in the first meeting put the focus on solving your potential clients’ problems. Forget what you have to sell and offer to help in other ways. For example, you could provide them with links to articles or eBooks to increase their knowledgeability around their particular financial situation. This will build their confidence in you as well as help you keep in touch.

#3. Invite prospects to a seminar

Follow up by inviting a prospect to a seminar or a business lunch where you or a colleague could give them valuable advice on a specific issue of interest to them – e.g. tax savings, retirement planning, etc. This will demonstrate that in addition to being likeable and trustworthy you are also capable of adding real value in terms of superior advice. If prospects are already in a relationship with another advisor, this could help tip the balance in your favor.Related: 3 Niches Advisors Should Consider

#4. Ask prospects to subscribe to your blog

Email prospects and invite them to subscribe to your blog or monthly newsletter where they can find relevant advice and ideas along with your client success stories. If they subscribe, follow-up again a few weeks later with a questionnaire asking if they are finding your material useful. Along with a question – would they be interested in scheduling a time to sit down with you and discuss their financial situation in greater detail? Even if they don’t reply right away, you may have planted a seed that could grow into something more substantial.

#5. Follow up by inviting prospects to join you on LinkedIn

Most business professionals have a presence on LinkedIn these days and by inviting prospects to join you on this platform you’re finding a way to get on their social radar. Once you’re connected it gives both you and the prospect the opportunity to find out more about each other. Study their profile and aim to engage them in discussions on relevant LinkedIn groups. This is your opportunity to show that your area of expertise matches their requirements.It’s surprising how many advisors have an ambivalent attitude to following up. If you – unlike them – are prepared to follow-up on every call or meeting, you have a far better chance of success than they do.When you follow-up, however, always offer value. Don’t be product focused. Your aim in following up is to remind them that you understand their situation, and that you’re knowledgeable as well as trustworthy.