The Future of Financial Advice Will Be Ruled by These Three Things

The financial advice industry is going through some major changes thanks to the advancement of technology happening at breakneck speeds.

And there are three key things that will rule the future of financial advice.

Proactively embracing these changes will keep your financial advising business not only surviving, but thriving. But ignoring them could cause you to close your doors for good in just a few years.

So, what are the three things that will rule the future of financial advice?

In today’s show, I reveal the three things that will rule the future of financial advice, and share specific actions you can take today to ensure your business survives the inevitable changes.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • The almost-too-simple “human centered advice” secret for thriving as a financial advisor in the next couple of years (1:25) 
  • Why an uptight and super professional “About Me” page on your website scares wealthy clients away (3:05) 
  • How to gain an unfair technological edge against other financial advisors by simply writing emails and posting on LinkedIn (8:30) 
  • Why chasing every marketing fad leads to burnout and poor returns (and how focusing on the fundamentals instead keeps your business afloat and growing) (12:07) 
  • How to explore new marketing opportunities without getting sucked into every trend destined to fizzle out (14:48) 

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