Overcoming Challenges in Organic Growth within Wealth Management – Insights from Steve Gresham

Organic growth in asset and wealth management is experiencing a slowdown, leaving behind a trail of passive assets and declining client numbers. The tide is turning as baby boomers are retiring with their wealth poised to flow toward a new generation with vastly different priorities and expectations.

In this episode, Jack Sharry talks with Steve Gresham, Managing Principal at Next Chapter. Steve is also a Senior Education Advisor to the Alliance for Lifetime Income. Steve is a dedicated disruptor, and before founding Next Chapter, he held several senior leadership positions in the wealth management industry.

Steve talks with Jack about the current state of the asset and wealth management industries and the challenges they face in achieving organic growth. He highlights the decline in organic growth and the need for firms to adapt to the changing landscape. They also discuss the best remedies for resolving these problems and the four ways firms can prepare for the future.

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