Unraveling the Complexity of the Municipal Bond Market

There is a big part of the investing world that doesn’t get as much news as equity markets.

But it should.

In this installment of Dollar$ and $ense, Nicole is joined by Matt Bernardi from Bernardi Securities. Together, they demystify the municipal bond market, a key component in funding local infrastructure projects that are vital to our communities. Matt and Nicole expand on how today’s market has weathered the storm of the COVID-19 crisis and the role of stimulus funds in ensuring municipal stability. The discussion extends to the broader economic context, including consumer spending patterns and the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy, to illustrate their impact on the bond market.

With this episode, you will gain insight into: 

  • The significance of the municipal bond market
  • Resilience and adaptability of municipal credit during and after COVID-19
  • How the Federal Reserve’s actions impact the municipal bond market
  • Pension liabilities and the potential effects of quantitative tightening on bond portfolios
  • And more

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