Do You Think You Know Bonds?

What can we learn from cows and teeter totter and cows about bonds?

Join Jason Coddington of Coddington Wealth Advisors as he unravels the intricacies of bonds in this engaging episode of ‘Money Metaphors,’ where complex financial concepts are made simple through storytelling. This insightful session dives deep into bonds, a critical yet often overlooked element in achieving financial stability and reaching medium-term goals.

Key highlights:

  • Essentials of Bond Investment: Dive into bond basics, including yield, maturity, issuer types, and quality ratings
  • Bonds and Portfolio Risk: Understand how bonds contribute to reducing portfolio risk, making them ideal for medium-term objectives
  • Economic Impacts on Bond Values: Explore the effects of recent economic shifts, particularly Federal Reserve rate hikes, on bond market dynamics
  • Corporate vs. Startup Bonds: Compare bonds from established entities like Ford to those from high-risk startups
  • Bond Mutual Funds and ETFs: Learn about the principle protection and flexibility of bond mutual funds and ETFs
  • Interest Rates and Bond Prices: Unpack the inverse relationship between interest rates and bond prices, using 2022’s market trends as an example
  • Comparing Investment Vehicles: Evaluate the advantages of ETFs, mutual funds, and individual bonds based on client needs and risk tolerance
  • And much more!