Using Technology To Connect With Clients and Businesses with Brian McLaughlin

Technology has been around for decades and has become an essential part of all businesses. Yet some advisors still aren’t using it to its full potential. 

Where do advisors use technology in their daily lives that could be applied to businesses…and how can other businesses benefit from that connection?

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Brian McLaughlin, President of Orian Advisor Tech and CEO of Redtail Technology, on maximizing the use of technology between businesses and creating a network of shared data for others to benefit from.

Brian discusses:

  • How companies combine different work cultures after a merger
  • Why companies should share data collected and why businesses are hesitant to share information
  • Redtail’s philosophical shift from not sharing data to providing open-source API
  • How businesses can use technology to better connect with clients and other businesses and why they aren’t already
  • And more

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