The Ally of Artificial Intelligence With Dr. Vinay Nair

Dr. Vinay Nair is the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of TIFIN: a platform that creates engaging wealth experiences to improve financial lives. This is all accomplished through AI and investment intelligence-driven personalization for the advised or self-directed investor.

In this podcast, Vinay brings his extensive background in both the academic and business world to give us a rundown on major industry trends and the AI technology TIFIN Wealth utilizes to help advisors and firms better serve their clients.

They also discussed:

  • The early focus on AI by TIFIN and the evolution they foresee
  • The capabilities of AI and its impact on advisors
  • The challenges advisors are facing in terms of driving growth
  • Firms utilizing their existing data to find new opportunities

Resources: TIFIN 

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