Software Output, Deeper Conversation, & Staying Ahead of the Curve in Your Business with Guest Adam Holt

Financial advice has changed a lot in the last several decades… and it’s going to keep evolving and changing. So today, we’re talking about the future.

My guest, Adam Holt, and I are going to make sure that you are positioned to crush your business now AND stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the future of advice.

In this episode we get into the nitty gritty of:

  • How planning has changed from salesperson that gives advice to an advisor that sells.
  • What elements of planning will NEVER change.
  • How to strike the right balance between technology and human connection.
  • What is the next big trend in the planning world.
  • Will robo advice replace advisors? Which ones will it replace?
  • What not to be afraid of in the future of your business.

And a whole bunch of other inspo on why it’s great to be an advisor, build a business, and increase your acumen I’ll be honest, Adam and I did not have an agenda, outline, or any plan of what we were going to discuss today. I know… no agenda? So unlike me. We connected months ago over the tech tool Asset Map that Adam built and I just knew it would be a fun and interesting conversation.

So let’s start of 2023 with hope, excitement, and tactical advice over where you are going to take your business to in the future.

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