Packaging Client Solutions to Deliver Efficiency with Lincoln Ross

Lincoln Ross is the CEO and President of CircleBlack, Inc.. CircleBlack provides financial advisors with technology that aggregates data, seamlessly integrates other financial applications, manages data from multiple custodians, and delivers actionable intelligence about client portfolios, and more.

In this podcast, Doug and Lincoln look into the inefficiencies in advisor practice from CircleBlack’s standpoint, and the solutions their all-in-one platform provides.

They also discussed:

  • The demand for convenience in the financial services industry and why the transformation is needed
  • The advisor and client exchanges that can and should be offloaded to technology rather than be face to face
  • CircleBlack’s all-in-one platform, including all of the capabilities that an advisor needs to deliver advice to their clients
  • Client retention and communication

Resources: CircleBlack, Inc.

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