Our Future Is Where We Do Not Think About Money, but Money Thinks for Us

As someone who has been writing most of his life, and specifically books for two decades, the singular focus on technology and finance has been an interesting journey. The breakthrough came in the early 2010s for me, when Digital Bank was released. Since then, I’ve travelled the world meeting visionaries in banking, finance and technology, and learning a lot.

The results of these experiences are the core of the presentations delivered and, when recently asked, this became the thrust of a new showreel, demonstrating my thinking. This thinking has evolved from Digital Bank – a bank is built for distribution through buildings and humans rather than software and servers – through to Digital for Good – how can we use technology and finance to make the world a better place?

You can find out more here but, as you can see, each book – of which there has been a new one every two years – has a different phrase and platform. In fact, working on the newest one, the phrase would be: “our future is where we do not think about money, but money thinks for us”. Yep, money has become intelligent.

That book is due to come out in early 2024. Meanwhile, if you want to find out more of the thinking of where the future goes, here is the showreel:

And here is the future thinking!

Oh, and a brief summary of the key books written over the last decade ...

Digital Bank: how to create a new business model based on a bank distributing data through software and servers, rather than paper through buildings with humans (2014)

ValueWeb: the way that technology is rebuilding financial services using mobile technologies, cloud computing and blockchain (2016)

Digital Human: the new world of technology and finance includes everyone, with the first extensive and in-depth case study of Alipay and Ant Group written for a non-Asian audience (2018)

Doing Digital: banks are not stupid but they are severaly challenged by digital transformation, so let us learn the lessons of the biggest banks who are trying to do it, with in-depth case studies of JPMorgan Chase, BBVA, ING, DBS and CMB (2020)

Digital for Good: a collection of over twenty perspectives and five continents on how technology and finance are making the world a better place (2022)

Intelligent Money: our future is where we do not think about money, but money thinks for us (due Spring 2024)

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