How Modern Technology Connects Clients With Financial Advice With David Mehlhorn

More and more “finfluencers” are popping up on social media, giving free financial advice that’s unregulated –– and sometimes terrible.

How can financial advisors cut through the noise?

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to David Mehlhorn, Vice President of Business Development at Redtail Technology, about the current role of technology within financial services and marketing. David reveals a key struggle for advisors and how Redtail and Snappy Kraken are creating tools to help advisors connect with the current generation of clients.

David discusses:

  • Why Redtail chose to partner with Snappy Kraken
  • How Orion and Redtail are working toward the future of prospecting and financial advisor marketing
  • How social media has changed how prospects interact with advisors
  • Where Redtail is looking to evolve next
  • And more

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