Empowering & Inspiring Confident Outcomes with Scott Egner & Steve Sullivan

LOGICLY is a comprehensive web-based analytics and portfolio management platform for advisors to automate their day-to-day portfolio management workload. 

Doug is joined today by LOGICLY’s chief revenue officer, Scott Egner, and head of marketing Steve Sullivan. They discuss their respective journeys to Logicly, and how the platform can help advisors empower & inspire confident outcomes. They also discuss

  • The big idea behind LOGICLY
  • How the company expanded from serving ETFevolution to serving financial advisors
  • Why they think LOGICLY is an evolution of the advice model that advisors can use to help make their clients’ portfolios stronger
  • Recent partnerships with Syntax and 401 Financial and how they help make the platform stronger for advisors
  • What the future holds for LOGICLY

Resources: LOGICLY

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