5 Ways Financial Marketers Can Get Content Right

Written by: Shereen Mohammed

In an age where the average American spends 24 hours a week online, financial marketers have no option but to get content. Today, content marketing must provide content and experience, must be different unique and engaging. Financial marketers must look beyond their financial services competitors and evaluate how companies in other industries are taking content to another level.It’s always a good practice to have a commitment to writing a new blog article once a month but successful content marketing is more than having the commitment of writing 1-2 blogs per month, sitting down and thinking of a topic and posting it. Each blog should be part of a content marketing plan with a specific goal for writing it. Each message should have a specific call to action in mind. Is the goal to educate or inspire have the audience take an action? Whatever the goal is, the article should be written with the call to action in mind.

Here are 5 ways that Financial Marketers can get content right

Content should be data-driven

Writing articles using real data and statistics to present a point is strongly recommended. Removing subjectivity and opinions out of the article and the creativity is a better way to create credibility and leverage research from reputable sources to present a point. When points are backed up with facts and data people the audience will view the article as being more credible. Third party sources with links show readers that data is coming from a reputable and known source. Research key data points that would make an article more compelling or work with your firm’s analytics team to get internal data that can be leveraged.

Creating content with a specific purpose

To do this, it’s important to understand your buyer persona and their pain points. If financial marketers have a strong understanding of their goals and challenges, then creating content that helps to achieve their goals and overcome their challenges would be beneficial. For example, if a goal of someone you are trying to target save for their child’s education, writing a series of articles on how to invest for your child’s future or how to start saving early for your child’s education would be valuable and important information for your target audience. When your purpose for creating content is clearly defined, it can me evident what actions should be taken after reading the article. Each message should have a specific call to action in mind. Is the goal to educate or inspire have the audience take an action? Whatever the goal is, the article should be written with the call to action in mind.Related: 5 Financial Digital Marketing Trends For 2019

Focus on quality over quantity

It’s always nice to commit to posting new content at a certain frequency but realistically if it is not quality content then it’s better not to go through the effort. When marketers get into the habit of creating content for the sake of creating content, they have lost sight of the purpose. If that is not clearly defined then don’t create it. When financial marketers produce quality content and they see results from their efforts, they are likely to continue to see positive results with future pieces of content . It can be as simple as do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Make a plan but be constantly willing to change

It’s always important to create a content plan but that plan should not be set in stone. There should always be some room for learning and analyzing what’s working and what’s not and apply it to the content plan. A content plan should have topics that target the buyer person at the awareness, consideration and decision-making stage of the buyer’s journey. If new pain points are uncovered or new information is learned that impacts the decision phase then new content that addresses those areas should be created.

Ensure content is seen by the right audience

With so many tools and resources available it’s easy to get your content in front of the right audience. Have you ever heard the saying, “if a tree falls and no one is around to hear it does it still make a sound?” This is also true with content marketing. If no one sees your content, it can’t get the desired results. Marketers can research their target audience and know where they spend time online and promote content on those websites. Additionally, leveraging an email newsletter can get your content to the audience that you’re trying to reach.Getting content marketing right is no easy task but with the right goals, planning, resources and tools in place, every financial marketer has the ability to succeed. As a next step after reading this article, carve out some time to evaluate your content marketing strategy and make a on how you can incorporate the 5 ways to get content right mentioned. This article was originally posted on Veriday’s company website . Veriday is a software company focused on digital engagement.