10 Ways Your Current Portal Is Slowing Down Productivity

Written by: Shareen Mohammed

An organization will implement portal solution to increase productivity, but that shiny new portal is no longer new and could now be slowing down productivity!

Here are some symptoms of a portal that is slowing down employee productivity:

  • The platform was built with a focus on a single department/task in mind. Making it difficult for others to utilize.
  • Cannot integrate the platform with all the different tools an organization uses on a daily basis.
  • There was a lack of education or training on how to use the current platform.
  • Navigation throughout the tool is complex and not intuitive.
  • The user experience design is not current to industry best practices.
  • The platform, integrations, or vendor make upgrading the tool difficult.
  • The vendor of the platform solution does not innovate. After deployment, the vendor moves onto another project and doesn’t care to improve existing platforms.
  • Latency issues make the platform SLOW
  • There is an inability to monitor usage. The lack of tracking results in the inability to see user adoption and optimize workflows.
  • The lack of proper data caching is slowing down system processing power to load the same files every time.
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