What You Should Know About ESG and SRI in Investment Planning

The idea of aligning our money with our goals is a common practice. However, the focus today is aligning our investments with what we are truly passionate about.

In this episode, Robert Curtiss is joined by Sam Miller, the director of research and marketing at Signature Estate & Investment Advisors (SEIA). Together they unpack the impact of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and socially responsible investing (SRI) within portfolio planning and how personal beliefs influence investment planning.  

Sam discusses:

  • How the term ESG entered the mainstream media
  • The value of aligning our ESG and SRI investments with what we are passionate about
  • How to implement ESG and SRI investments within our portfolio 
  • What you should know about the different financial planning vehicles and their role in how financial plans are built
  • And more!

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