Are Corporations Genuinely Keeping Their Promises?

Are corporations genuinely keeping their promises?

In this revealing episode, Kimberly Griego-Kiel sits down with Jonas Kron, Chief Advocacy Officer at Trillium Asset Management, to unravel labor rights intricacies, shareholder proposal complexities, and how global companies are held accountable. 

Jonas, acclaimed by Fast Company for championing worker rights, explores the depths of Trillium’s advocacy, tracing its roots and confronting the challenges to make corporations accountable.

Throughout this interview, Kimberly and Jonas discuss:

  • How Trillium’s dedication to advocacy stood for LGBTQ rights way ahead of the curve
  • How shareholder resolutions truly work 
  • Why companies aren’t spending their money where they say they are 
  • How silenced voices are now echoing in boardrooms
  • What you don’t know about unionized battles and unsung worker challenges
  • And much more!

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