Achieving Climate Targets: Here’s Why Failure Leads to Lessons & Changes with Pooja Khosla

Climate change is not a fantasy. It is an undeniable reality, impacting us in ways we cannot ignore. 

In fact, it’s believed that we will likely not make it to our goal of limiting the planet’s warming by 1.5 degrees in the next six years.

This week,  Pooja Khosla, the Chief Innovation Officer at Entelligent, is back to chat with Kim Griego-Kiel about climate change and strategies chief operating officers (COO) of companies can implement to facilitate climate change-related improvements within their own practices. 

Together, they unpack the importance of setting achievable goals and making small, incremental changes to various systems, processes, and policies.

Pooja discusses:

  • Reasons businesses need to focus on green policies while transitioning to renewable energy sources to make the planet more sustainable
  • The value of achieving climate targets and the relevancy of the situation
  • The possibility of achieving climate targets in less than 80 years
  • Five principle-based initiatives chief operating officers (COO) should consider when it comes to supporting climate change and ESG strategies
  • How to avoid greenwashing
  • The role of banks and financial professionals when it comes to sustainability and supply chain initiatives 
  • And more!

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