Scott Messer

Scott's career as a business development professional and serial entrepreneur spans over 25 years. Before starting Sales Evolution, LLC, Scott held various sales, sales management , and executive positions at Union Carbide, American Chemsol Corporation, Griff Machine Products Company, Ultimate Software Group, Data Flow Information Systems, Compuware Corporation and Growth Dynamics. This roster included two turn-arounds and two start-ups — Scott helped these firms launch new products and services, establish sales territories and raise capital.

Scott brings to Sales Evolution a blend of leadership, management and communications skills, along with a diverse background of experience in firms ranging from large, established companies to early stage ventures. He has built strategic alliances, co-founded start-ups, overseen two mergers and acquisitions, and built new business units.

He is the past President of the Sales and Marketing Executives International (SMEI), Philadelphia Chapter, an organization dedicated to professionalizing the sales vocation through education.

Known as a true “grinder," Scott has an uncanny ability to cut through the static and get to the real issues in any buying situation. His skill and knowledge of phone prospecting are easily transferred to clients who need to learn better skills to elevate their marketing efforts. This is why so many clients turn to him for coaching when confronted with those really tough deals that need to go forward.

Originally from Pittsburgh, and a Penn State graduate, Scott moved to Philadelphia in 1994. When not working, he spends his time with his wife Evelyn, a Mathematics Professor at Rowan University, and daughter, Hannah. Golf, reading and working out at the gym occupy his remaining downtime. Learn more here .

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